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  1. Ellis publications

    Nita, M., Ellis, M.A., and Madden, L.V. 2012. Spatial distribution of Phomopsis cane and leaf spot symptoms in commercial vineyards in Ohio.  Journal of Phytopathology 160: 26-36. Rebollar-Alviter, A., Wilson, L.L., Madden, L.V., and Ellis, M.A.  2010.  A ...

  2. Mitchell Publications

    Peer Reviews and Manuscripts Burbano-Figueroa, O., Lu, G.- D., Kim, S., Chen, S., Songkumarn, P., Chen, J., Huang, C.- L., Wang, Z., Wang, G.L., and Mitchell, T. 2012. A pectin lyase enzyme from Magnaporthe oryzae functions as an effector of host defense. ...

  3. Bonello Publications

    Kleczewski Nathan M.; Herms Daniel A.; Bonello Pierluigi. 2012. Nutrient and water availability alter belowground patterns of biomass allocation, carbon partitioning, and ectomycorrhizal abundance in Betula nigra.  Trees- Structure and Function  26(2): 52 ...

  4. McSpadden Gardener publications

    2012 Kim, Hyun Jung); Lee, Jin Hee; Kang, Beom Ryong; Rong, Xiaoqing; McSpadden Gardener, Brian B; Ji, Hyung Jin; Park, Chang-Seuk; Kim, Kim, Young Cheol. Draft Genome Sequence of Pantoea ananatis B1-9, a Nonpathogenic Plant Growth-Promoting Bacterium.  J ...

  5. Miller publications

    (Since 1999) Baysal, F., Benitez, M.-S., Kleinhenz, M., Miller, S.A. and McSpadden Gardener, B.B. 2008. Field management effects on damping-off and early season vigor of crops in a transitional organic cropping system.  Phytopathology 98:562-570. Aruscava ...

  6. Mitchell publications

    Yangrae, C., Kwang-Hyung, K., Mauricio, L.R., Scott, D., Santopietro, G., Callihan, M., Mitchell, T.K., and C. Lawrence Identification of novel virulence factors associated with signal transduction pathways in Alternaria brassicicola. Submitted Molecular ...